Getting ready for your engagement session

Thank you for stopping by! Here are some tips I've learned as a professional photographer that I wanted to share with you all for your engagement session.



1. Trust Your Photographer!

The most important advice I can give you for your engagement session is to trust your photographer. I can not stress enough how important this is. You've somehow found them and hired them for their vision. With trust, your allowing them to be as creative as they can be!


2. Consider Location & time of year:

Its important to chose appropriate clothing styles for your location and time of year.


3. Hire a Professional Make Up Artist

One thing I strongly recommend is having your makeup done professionally for your big day. Having your makeup done by an artist can truly change the appearance of your photos. Its a great idea to use your makeup trial run for the wedding day. Something I've noticed as a professional photographer is the added appearance to false eyelashes! If your willing to wear false eyelashes, I always suggest going for them! This will truly enhance your eyes in your photos! Check out my amazingly gorgeous bride Anna, and how stunning her makeup looks in her photos.

Another suggestion I always like to throw out to my brides is a manicure! I will be shooting up close on your hands and rings so its always nice to have your nails looking nice! If your not the manicure type, throw a neutral color shade of nail polish on your fingernails!



Guys! This means you too! While your soon to be wife is taking the time to look as beautiful as possible, take that extra moment to get a hair cut! I always recommend a fresh hair and a trim of your beard no more than 3 days prior to your wedding day. We want your hair lines looking fresh!




4. Photoshop

Quite often I hear " You can Photoshop this out, Right ? " And for the most part the answer is usually No.

Im asked if I can make couples skinner and the answer is no. I will not make you skinnier. I will help pose you accordingly to your body figure and will help bring out your natural beauty.

I do not want to take away from who you are!

Im also asked if I can remove tattoo's and the answer is no. My advice for anyone who regrets  an old tattoo would be to cover it up with tattoo makeup cover up.

Im asked if I can remove double chins the answer is no. If you feel when you are photographed you have a double chin please bring this to my attention prior to your session. I can help pose you in a way that will reduce any chances of a double chin.


5. Not everyone likes being photographed!

I know not everyone likes being photographed but please remember it shows. I totally get it. However, your wedding day happens once in your lifetime. Lets put on a good show for your amazing bride and give her your 100% throughout this session. BECAUSE SHE DESERVES IT! 


6. Camera Shy

I know for some people its hard to be the center of attention, I would suggest going into your session being as open as possible. The more open and trusting you are, the more emotion I can pull from your images. Please try to keep in mind, even if some of the poses make you feel awkward please refer back to tip #1 and TRUST ME! I will not steer you guys wrong.


7. Lastly, Enjoy yourself!

Have fun with this session! Like I said, lets give the bride-to-be the best experience she can have! Honest photos make the best photos.  

If you have any questions requarding your upcoming wedding photos, please feel free to contact me here.